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The opportunities of an ITEX Membership are endless. Like life, you get out of it, what you put into it. If you take the time to look and work with the ITEX staff, you can find pretty much anything on trade.

With ITEX, we have increased our customer reach, gained new business, and formed business partnerships that have lasted since we first joined in 2001
By taking advantage of these business relationships, Aladdin has been able to showcase our full-service cleaning and restoration company that has been providing services such as Oriental rug cleaning, carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning and more for residential and commercial properties in San Antonio and surrounding areas since 1956.
With our expanding company, we have been able to secure through ITEX barter; promotional items like pens and other giveaways, entered into various advertising opportunities, purchase employee incentives in way of concert and event tickets, patron various restaurants, throw great company parties, save on large expenses for vehicle maintenance and repair and much more!

A T  A  G L A N C E


Customer Reach & Partnerships

ITEX member


Using ITEX services from, promotional items to vehicle maintenance and much more!

Bob Spalten

With ITEX, we have increased our customer reach,
gained new business and formed business partnerships.